Hello, My name Dominique Loving (28 years old) and I'm from East Saint Louis, IL. I'm the owner of Niques3k Boutique located in Fairview Heights, IL. I have been a entrepreneur for 4 years now. I started off selling some of everything hair, lashes, home made shampoo and conditioner etc. My name started ringing bells in year 2020 beginning of the summer and that was the reason I decided to open my own boutique store Sept 2020. I have always been the type to dress up and I would get so many compliments. Now that I have my own store I love to style my customers for events. This is my passion and my business is my baby. I have been working so hard to get to where I am today. I appreciate everyone that have supported me in a way because without you my business would not be where its at today. To my future customers I just want you to know you will not be disappointed. I have really great quality products and true to size. I believe in QUALITY over Quantity. Thank you for stopping by to get to know me & hopefully in the future I will get to know you as customer.

- Sincerely, Nique